Classical Betting Systems Generator Ver. 6

Our beloved Classical Betting systems Generator developed in the sixth version. The complex calculations that made it inaccessible to the average bettor have finished.

In our sixth edition, we included the field of commission, for those who place their bets on Betfair

How it works?

Complete your Bankroll, the bankroll you have set as goal, your odds, and finally the number of attempts needed to win a single bet on this odds. We need a little logic in the creation of our system. I do not think ever built a Betting system that makes 100 euros to 100000 euros, in a total of 50 bets , if somebody  win once in 20 a bet with decimal odds of 1.1

Give more attention to our sophisticated statistics to create a good system. It is necessary to understand, that Bookmakers are  profit organizations. Whenever doubles or triples your bankroll, withdrew  1/3 of your total bankroll.  Remember that you will never win forever.

In order to renew the completed data , you must press the button "Update" at the bottom of this calculator, or easier to click on any empty area of your screen.