BigParas System Ver. 6.2

The ultimate calculator for those who gamble a percentage of their Betting Bank

After 6 years of searching, I feel that we have found the perfect algorithm, which calculates with safety , the best possible percentage of your Betting bank , betting at any odds.

Our new algorithm incorporated in the new 6th version of Calculator, giving the best of himself and trained with you as betting on. Gives the percentage of each bet in such a way that in a period of false predictions to keep your Betting Bank as much as possible, while in periods of good predictions to eject the maximum extent..

The ideal system if you have discipline and patience. A perfect system that never loses theoreticallyIf you want to gamble without stress, you'll love it.

The only condition is one, essential to those who want to make profits from gambling: Your winning bets to be even one more than the statistical verification of betting odds

An example. You gamble at decimal odds of 2. The statistical verification of the decimal odds 2 is 50%, which means that you have to win 50 out of 100 bets for being in your money. If you win 51 in 100 bets, this system will crown a winner..

There is built-in to calculate the probability of statistical verification of the betting odds.

Have confidence in our calculator and bet on safely.

BigParas System Calculator, is too good to be locked up in Platinum members of our site..

Therefore is offered FREE to all and even given the possibility for anyone Webmaster wishes to use for Free our calculator in his website.

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