Dutching Calculator


What's  Dutching ;

Dutching is a betting method , where betting on more than one outcome of an event, handing out your money in such a way that if any of the selected events wins , you 'll have a fixed profit.

It was used in horseracing betting mainly , with Al Capone as the first teacher...

This does not mean that it can't be used in whatever other bet has many possible results, eg number of Goals

The Dutching Calculator below , has the ability to choose whether you want to split the available funds to your separate market shares for each odds or to choose for a fixed amount of profit.

Once you choose from which of these options you want, fill in the odds of events you choose (you can fill in up to twenty events), and the Booker commission if applicable.

Clicking to a blank area of your screen or by clicking the "Update" button to the end of  Dutching Calculator , you will see the exact amount for betting in any case, just  next to each odds.

Try our Dutching Calculator !